About Us

About Us

Intro Crowd are pioneers in strategic land investment. We provide unique
opportunities for investors through our secure, online crowdfunding platform. Intro
Crowd is an Appointed Representative of Sapia Partners LLP, which is authorised
and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


What is the investment approach?

At Intro Crowd, we make strategic land our business, and our platform is designed to make
the investment process as straight forward as possible for our investors. Strategic refers to
location, accessibility and potential and we believe that our sites have potential for
development which could lead to a return on investment.

After the land has been funded by members of our platform, we manage the planning permission process. Typically, obtaining planning permission causes the value of the land to increase – at this point the land will be sold and the sale proceeds, minus taxes and costs, will be distributed to investors.

We aim to seek out strategic land where there’s a clear demand in the area for future housing, or a need for space for amenities that accompany it. In addition to land located in areas of high housing need, strategic land can include land with good access - for example, near to key roads, or land used primarily for utilities and public or private infrastructure. Such sites are usually within or beside locations that may be put to future residential use, or which are already in urban use.

Most of our investment opportunities are for undeveloped Greenfield land. We believe this has the potential to benefit from the rise in demand to meet the UK’s current and future housing needs. Known as “strategic land development”, cities and county councils are often in need of land to be developed for housing or amenities – and political support for these development schemes is very strong from all political parties.

Meet our team

Our backgrounds encompass real estate, finance, technology and design.

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