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Welcome to Intro Crowd, the strategic land specialists. We’re a crowdfunding platform that combines developing land projects with the chance for investors to buy a share in them.

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Investing in strategic land could not be easier - it’s all online. Our technology gives you access to investing in undeveloped land with the potential for capital growth through residential development.

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'Land. The most vital ingredient if we are to build homes'


27th July 2016

Demand for housing

The Government is committed to building 240,000 homes every year until 2020. The challenge is to find the land on which to build them. With our ground-breaking crowdfunding platform, Intro Crowd can help you make a contribution, not only in developing new sites but in providing a compelling investment proposition.

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Benefit from our expertise

All of our sites are selected by our Land and Planning Director, Christopher Merriman. Christopher is a fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and has worked in the property industry for nearly 30 years. Christopher has been involved in projects that have resulted in the creation of over 3,000 new homes.

When choosing a site, we seek out locations with a requirement for new homes and engage independent experts to undertake due diligence.

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